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jeudi 9 juillet 2015
par  Daniel


Sans l’avoir planifié, ce film arrive à point nommé au moment où les médias parlent beaucoup de ces nombreux infortunés qui périssent quasiment chaque jour en Méditerranée ou sur d’autres routes de l’exil en tentant de rejoindre l’Europe par tous les moyens de fortune.
Justement, ce qui m’avait amené à (...)

Wednesday 10 August 2011


Jisset is a talented and popular journalist. He works with an independent weekly
magazine, and is currently following up a tight investigation on the strange
dealings of one of the biggest businessmen of the country, Mr. Moni-Sam…

Wednesday 10 August 2011


On a night of full moon, repeated knocks are heard on the door of an old cabin.
Then, there’s a violent fight between a man and a woman, followed by a sudden fire…

mercredi 10 août 2011


Papa Mbarga, head of a big family and chief of a village is getting ready to pay a visit
to his daughter Charlotte who has a big job in Yaoundé, capital city of Cameroon...

Wednesday 10 August 2011


Pousse-Pousse loves Rose and wants to marry her. But the tradition makes
it compulsory that to marry a girl one has to pay the dowry to her parents…