Tuesday 3 May 2011
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Synopsis :

The action takes place in a Bamun village, in Cameroon.
Nchare is only 16 when his father passes away. He is taken in then by his uncle Achirou, and lands in a new village where on his arrival, he crosses the glance of a 14-year-old girl named Mapon. That was the click of their mutual love.

Today an adult and a sculptor on bronze, Nchare wants to deserve to be the official fiancé of Mapon, but some persistent rumours have it that he might not yet be circumcised. And he has to compete with the other pretenders during the periodic rite of the dance of seduction, under eye witnesses of all the villagers, and in the presence of "Nji-Mâh’Nkam", the High Dignitary of the village.
Little time after the celebration of their engagement in compliance with local customs, Nchoutpouen the mother of Mapon gives birth to her 4th child. But this child very quickly falls sick, involving Moumpain the father to accept the financial support of a generous businessman named Moluh. The latter doesn’t delay to set his cap at Mapon with a view to make her his 4th wife, thus becoming an unexpected rival for Nchare.

Mapon finds herself trapped in an awkward situation where her father, not only goes back on his word to Nchare, but tends now to push her in the arms of Moluh, a man that she doesn’t even want to meet.

In order to try to make hear reason to her father, she obtains that the High Dignitary Nji-Mâh’Nkam holds a family meeting. But at the same time, the awesome Moluh who’s also the Deputy of the District, wants to definitively push aside Nchare by intriguing to make him imprison allegedly for theft… Unless there’s a last minute surprise !


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